Fancy some? These erotic novels were published by Black Lace. No not the band. Agadoo, doo, doo. I’ve heard it all before…sigh.

Tongue in Cheek

This was my first and best book. Seriously. I can’t help but point out that the title is not a mere double entendre but an awesome triple entendre! Woo. Tongue in Cheek is funny and sexy and I still slap myself on the back about the brilliant set-pieces and the ending.

Full steam ahead

Don’t read this one. Please. Thing is, I had just had my son, was struggling with the old breast feeding and consequently there’s a lot of howling, a lot of screaming and a lot of rock hard breasts in this book. The convuluted plot didn’t help. What was I thinking? Full Steam Ahead nearly was called ‘All hands on deck’. That wouldn’t have helped.

The hottest place

Probably my next favourite. A lot of memories and fantasies about wild times in Thailand. The Hottest Place is the perfect holiday read. Beaches, massages, good food, great sex…

Comming round the mountain

My writing is better here but I dunno how hot the sex is as the storyline got a bit emotional and deep. Has spoilt the nursey rhyme for me forever. Was going to be called Humpty Dumpty or There was an old lady who swallowed a fly. (not really)
On the other hand, I believe Coming round the Mountain has the best-sex-with-a-person-suffering-from -altitude-sickness-scene in literature, ever. A must for people who like snow with their sex.

You will note that i have written four books, yes, Four! In your face, trilogy writers! I have also had saucy stories published in many collections which will be uploaded shortly. (when link-savvy partner comes out the shower, hopefully)