I have an MA in Creative and Life Writing from Goldsmiths University and work as a writing teacher and editor. Four of my books have been published by Black Lace. I suppose a stand out quality of my prose is the eye watering filth. (My work is so littered with dicks and fannies that I’m surprised its not mistaken for The Famous Five)

Writing about sex is an odd choice for me because in real life I’m a prudish mother of three. I’m a bit like a swimmer who won’t get her face wet. In fact, I am also a swimmer who dislikes getting her face wet.

Im here, blogging, to think about erotica in a post-fifty shades of grey kind of world.

Do get in touch (tweet @tabithaflyte) with comments and questions, but no rude suggestions please. I’ve had it up to here (gestures tits) with those.